Wild Tales

“If Darwin had visited the islands of the Cyclades before the Galapagos islands, he would have reached exactly the same conclusions.” Professor Sakis Milonas

Discover the unique wildlife and nature of the Greek islands and participate in our efforts to protect and support the local environment.

Elusive threatened species such as the Loggerhead sea turtle and the Mediterranean Monk seal, as well as beautiful endemic species such as the Milos Wall lizard and the Milos viper are waiting for you to discover them and contribute towards their survival.

Dolphin and bird spotting, hiking through untouched paths in search of unique species of animals and plants are only a few of the activities you could participate in our trip.

Under the guidance of our experienced team of biologists you will be introduced to the tens of endemic species, both from the animal and plant kingdoms, which exist only in this small corner of the globe.

Tales from the wild sideā€¦

Tale One: Biodiversity

Our trip starts from the capital of the Cyclades, Syros, and it ends after one week at the volcanic island of Milos, home to the Milos viper, the most endangered reptile in Europe. 200 more miles for Tahita to add on her log book.

Our biologist will introduce you to the natural mysteries of the Aegean Sea. Having participated in many researches in the area, Sotiris is the ideal person to open for you the mystic doors to the wildlife of the Aegean, "the Archipelago of species".

Observing endangered charismatic animals such as the Mediterranean Monk seal and the Loggerhead sea turtle, as well as endemic reptiles such as the Skyros and Milos Wall lizards, the unique Milos viper, but also beautiful birds such as the Eleonora’s falcon and the Bonelli’s eagle, is a unique experience in the Aegean Sea. On our way to watch them sea birds and dolphins will be our companions.

You will have the opportunity not only to get introduced by an expert to a side of the Aegean that few people know about, but also to participate in our efforts to support their protection.

You’re welcome to join us and participate in our project.

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