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Back when I started diving I didn't know that much about the environment and sustainability. I just liked to go diving. I was very lucky to meet through 'Mystic Blue' a couple of marine biologists who introduced us to the unique biodiversity of our waters.

As divers, we’re blessed with the chance to see what few others see; an entire world underwater with unique geology, biology, and a life cycle all of its own. But we've also got a front row seat to the negative impact humans have on that world; underwater debris and garbage, coral bleaching and declining populations of marine animals.


 moPhoto300 mystic octopusA guide to becoming a sustainable diver

We can do something about this. We have the power to become more sustainable divers and think more about the oceans we love to dive in: 

  1. Good buoyancy control: The more experienced you become the more you can control where you are and achieve neutral buoyancy easier. This means you can protect yourself and marine life. Poor buoyancy control means that you go up and down hitting sensitive corals and so on or you use your hands to avoid hitting on a rock. All this can be avoided by practicing more and avoiding sensitive areas if you are inexperienced.

  2. Good finning technique: This means that you won't disturb the underwater habitat and destroy sensitive coral and other reefs. Again this can be avoided by practicing more and avoiding sensitive areas if you are inexperienced.

  3. Dive locally: Combining travelling with your hobby of diving is an amazing experience. There are so many amazing places to go to discover different forms of marine life. But if you have the option, try to substitute just a little bit of your travel diving with local diving. Travelling more in order to dive more puts more strain on the environment, and not just the underwater environment. 

  4. Choose tour operators well: When diving, either abroad or locally, choose a diving centre or operator that has a clear responsible policy. Ask them, for example, whether they support and contribute to local or global environmental causes (i.e. underwater clean ups), whether they employ local guides, whether they educate their diving guests on local environmental issues and marine life, whether they have policies regarding anchoring (dropping an anchor carelessly can destroy coral reefs or poseidonia oceanica, the most important Mediterranean specie to name a few.), behavior underwater and so on. If we as diving customers demand responsible policies and actions by the diving centers and operators, they will respond.

  5. Choose the most environmentally conscious gear: More and more producers of underwater flash lights, dive watches and other equipment adopt policies of minimizing impact. If possible, choose the best option for the environment when selecting your gear. You can choose a dive watch, for example, which features a battery-less operation, being charged by light or movement... Or always use rechargeable batteries.

  6. Get involved in underwater clean ups: Make it your rule to bring a piece of garbage every time you dive. Get involved in underwater clean ups organised by your local diving centre. If all of us get involved, things may change.

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We at Mystic Blue try to educate our new snorkeling and diving guests by showing them a presentation on the marine species they will encounter while diving in the east med, by informing them of how they should behave underwater, by picking up garbage during every dive among other things.

Educating new divers and sharing knowledge is a key to keeping our oceans healthy!

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