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Picture yourself feeling the wind and trimming the sails... relaxing on deck with a cold drink… walking the island's ancient paths and getting into the unspoilt lifestyle of the islanders… exploring the underwater life or spotting dolphins and sea birds… 

There’s nothing like getting in the holiday mood; picturing yourself in your chosen destination and dreaming about the sights and sounds that await you. 

From the South to the West Cyclades, the Dodecanese or the Ionian islands, our sailing holidays are all about discovering the raw beauty and diversity of culture and nature. Whether you enjoy walking, sailing, diving, exploring wildlife or just relaxing on deck with a cold drink you’re sure to be inspired by the varied and often dramatic landscapes of these beautiful locations, not to mention their culinary delights…

Tips for sailing for the first time

Please find below our recommendations for a successful sailing holiday based on our 20 years of experience:

  • Rely on the expertise of your skipper and charter company to develop an itinerary based on their local knowledge of the islands, the weather and prevailing winds. Most have pre-designed sample itineraries to give you an idea of what you'll experience. You should inform them of any particular wishes you may have, activities you enjoy and islands you would like to visit. 

  • Realize that sailing yachts are not cruise ships. Sailboats travel at an average of about 6 to 9 knots – nowhere near the 20- to 30-knot speed of cruise ships. The average sailing time per day is four to six hours.

  • Don't over plan and be flexible as nature is unpredictable! Sailboats rely primarily on the wind for propulsion (though of course they have auxiliary engines to use as necessary). Sailing legs and itineraries are designed based on the wind strength and direction. Any plan can be changed at the last minute at the captain's discretion. This means that all itineraries are subject to changes depending on the weather as the safety of the crew and boat is the primary concern. If the weather is rough for a day, look for alternative activities, visits to sites or just relax at the beach.

  • Allow yourself to enjoy the unexpected pleasures that can't be planned for in advance: dolphins approaching and following your sailing boat, a spectacular sunset, a rare observation of a bird or flower, an invitation by a local at his house celebration, a discovery of a new diving site, cave or a tavern with delicious food, spontaneous singing amongst friends at a remote bay!

Remember – you're on holiday! So pour yourself a drink, lie back and let us guide you on an exciting journey through the waters that surround the largest coastline in Europe...

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If your holiday falls between June and August, you won’t need much! A swimsuit, a beach towel, some T-shirts and shorts and something casual for the evenings. In spring and autumn we recommend to have a fleece or sweater and long trousers for the evenings as sometimes when the sun comes down it can be chilly. It’s a good idea to include a light windproof jacket in case of stronger winds.

You'll need a pair of shoes for walking and one for the boat. Flip-flops are ideal for walking around the islands in the summer but in spring and autumn you will need a closed pair of shoes for the evening. Closed non-slip shoes (deck shoes/sports shoes) are ideal for the boat and for the protection of your toes. We and many companies have a no-shoe policy onboard during the summer in order to maintain the deck as clean as possible but you are welcome to use your deck shoes just on the boat. 

Don’t forget to bring a sun hat, sunglasses and include plenty of sunscreen for protection from the sun. Reflection from the water means you soak up a lot of sun while sailing and because of the wind you don't always feel it when you are burning!

It is preferable to pack in soft bags rather than hard suitcases as hard cases are more difficult to stow away in lockers. Remember that space in sailing yacht is minimum. The less you carry, the better.

Toiletries and medication:

Most brands are sold in Greece and you'll able to purchase whatever you need before the departure of the sailing yacht or during your sailing week. If though you take prescribed medicine, it is advisable to bring enough with you for the duration of your holiday as we often like to anchor at smaller, more remote islands where there aren't any shops. Of course, if you run out we'll be able to sail to a bigger island with a pharmacy but it is good to be prepared so that we don't change our itinerary.

Note: Anyone suffering from severe food or bee-sting allergies should bring an dpi pen or pens as well as whatever antidote you may need. You may be away from instantaneous emergency medical assistance.

Although all our yachts have a basic first aid kit, it is a good idea to carry one of your own which should includes travel sickness pills, antiseptic cream, insect repellent, antihistamine cream/gel for insect bites and anything else you personally may need. If you are worried about sea sickness we recommend to purchase the “non-drowsy” formulas. 

Sleeping on a sailing yacht:

Most people sleep like babies with the rocking of the sea. Others have issues getting used to the sounds of the sea and the wind and the resulting noises. If you are a noise-sensitive sleeper we recommend that bring silicone air-plugs.


You'll find mini-markets at all the islands. Usually most sailing holidays start from the mainland or larger islands such as Athens, Lavrio, Paros and Naxos. We recommend to purchase enough food for one or two days so you leave money at all the island and support the local economies. Each island offers their own products as well such as vegetables, cheeses, different types of bread and pasta and other delicacies that are worth trying.

Although you will probably find everything you need in the supermarkets in Athens and the bigger islands, if you have food allergies (milk, wheat gluten, etc.) it is advisable to bring the substitutes you use at home as they may not be readily available in the small shops you will be visiting during your sailing holiday.

Documents & currency:

You will of course need your passport or ID card (EU member countries). If you are from a non-EU country you should check with your Greek consulate as to whether you need to apply for a visa. If you are charting your own sailing yacht, you should also bring your sailing certificate as they are requested by the Port Police. If you intend to hire a car, motorbike or other vehicle whilst on holiday you should also bring your driving licence. Your personal holiday insurance documents and if you are from a European Union member country, the EU medical card should be included in your hand luggage.

We recommend that you don't carry so much cash with you as there are ATMs everywhere. If you are planning to spend the night in a remote place or bay take some cash with you enough for a couple of days. Please note that most restaurants, cafes and mini-markets at the islands only accept cash. At the bigger islands such as Mykonos and Santorini this is not an issue. 

You'll find food is very good value at the islands especially at local taverns where owners have their own animals, cultivate their own vegetables, make their own wine and olive oil... the traditional way! Supper for an adult having local wine costs around 15 euros per person. Fish tends to be more expensive. Islands such as Santorini and Mykonos are more expensive than anywhere else in Greece so you should check the prices before you sit somewhere.  

Useful Extras:

You will need a continental 2 pin plug adapter for use on shore (charging cameras, phones e.t.c. at tavernas & cafes). We have an inverter onboard, so you’ll be able to recharge cameras, laptops, and other small electrical items. 

We have a good CD selection onboard, but IPODs can be hooked up to our stereo system so all can enjoy the music. Remember to bring your own connecting cable, specific to your IPOD. 

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