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I'd like to share with you some thoughts on traveling...

Today as a traveller, you have two choices: You can either buy an all-inclusive package, never leave your resort, return home with a sunburn and a hangover. Or you can venture outside your comfort zone, choose an alternative adventure and return with a refreshing new perspective.
The rise of the package holiday culture has led us to believe that travel is about racing to tick off trophy experiences and destinations, collecting passport stamps and digital photos, and then moving on to the next sight.
The first question you ask yourself is "where?"… but it isn't the 'where' that's important, but the 'why'. Why do you want to go on a holiday? To re-charge your batteries? To reconnect with yourself? To meet new people? Or to discover and learn about another culture?..

When choosing a holiday you should focus on what you need from the holiday

We have already started seeking out authenticity and real experiences but travel in the future will go further. According to founder of, as the cost of flying increases and 'carbon guilt' sets in, people will no longer feel comfortable boasting about their overseas holidays. In the future it will be with more about the purpose, with not only our own needs in mind, but also those of the destination.
It will be about the appreciation of local distinctiveness, the things that make a place unique and special. It will be as much about experiencing the famous Greek hospitality, or the secluded lifestyle of the islands, observing endemic species, dancing "nisiotika" at a local festival or experiencing the picking of olives and the making of olive oil e.t.c.

Being a socially responsible traveler doesn’t mean you have to spend two weeks laying bricks...

...instead of daydreaming on the beach. You can relax at your dream destination and still make a positive impact on the local economy.
The biggest way to contribute is to spend local. Stay at locally owned, family run guesthouses which employ locals and are less likely to pollute the environment than massive, foreign-owned resorts. Eat at local restaurants instead of chains. Speak to locals to find out about their political opinions and their daily challenges and avoid other resort goers. Just immersing yourself in the culture and staying open to new experiences can be enough.
You don't need to come to Greece to “help” with the economic crisis, you can come to experience the culture personally, learn and understand. If you open your eyes and see how things are different outside your home country, you have a better understanding of how the world works, as well as what projects or social causes you might support. 

Travel for a greater purpose

What do you get by making social responsibility a priority on holiday? Is it possible to leave a place better than you found it? Boosting the economy by supporting local businesses is like making an investment in that country. It helps everyone who lives there, and hopefully, it will be a better place when you return.

Traveling to new places and soaking up other cultures makes you a more well-rounded individual. Perspective gained from travel can help make us more socially conscious in our every day lives… leading the way towards a better world!

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