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The Aegean - the island world of the Greeks - brings to mind sun and sea, natural environment and culture, entertainment and Greek hospitality.
Spring is one of our favourite times of the year to visit the Greek islands. Although in every season the Aegean islands offer a particular quality of light, wonderful scents and superb walks, the conventional picture of the Aegean

islands with the summer heat, azure blue sea, cloudless sky and an extensive brown-yellow landscape stands in contrast to the green, flowering slopes of spring.
It's true that the best way to appreciate the variety of landscapes is by getting out and about on your own feet.
A walking holiday is particular attractive when it involves island hopping either by sailing or taking the ferry; this offers the opportunity to get to know the islands, each of them stamped with its own unique character, and to enjoy their infinite variety.
Why choose to walk the Greek islands in spring with us?

  • 178f87c2 7136 40dd b48f d9f774dc25dcGreek islands are a hiker's paradise with numbered routes, and well-organised systems of ancient trails.

  • You'll discover “the real Greece” while following walking paths through wild flowers, lush valleys, ruins of ancient cities, watermills, to reach picturesque villages and remote bays and beaches.

  • You'll get to know the locals, drink wine with them, taste home-made food and experience the traditional island way of life, something harder during the busy summer months.

  • Enjoy cooler weather, avoiding the hot months of July and August, which is more pleasant for walking and enjoying the sea and sun.

  • Take advantage οf out of season traveling and more specifically lower prices and a more relaxed pace of life.

  • Learn through our guides all about the local culture, history, agriculture, and archaeology.

  • fd222ddb 5032 4677 b067 36095545249aLearn all about the wildlife of the Aegean which is particularly rich as circum-mediterranean representatives meet with species which originate from the Balkans and the Near east, and their number is further enhanced through numerous endemic species which developed in isolation after the Ice Age.

  • Learn about the local flora and the ancient art of bee-keeping and find out how old remedies are made from herbs and flowers.

All our sailing & walking holidays have an eco-focus. We will inform you using presentations and observations about the unique flora and endemic and common species you will encounter while walking or swimming around the island.
Great memories of sailing, walking and observing wildlife... check our latest photos!

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